Do you know the German saying: “When angels travel, the sun shines”? With our new “Route Weather” feature, the sun is shining even for the rascals when they are traveling.

You are not in the mood for rain and bad visibility? Then use the Bareways Navigation App for good and bad roads! With the new feature “Route Weather” you can avoid precipitation and/or specifically prefer sunny areas for your route. You also have the option of rerouting windy regions, slippery roads and storms. The new function helps you reach your destination more safely.


How does the Route Weather feature work?

Every 3 hours the German Weather Service (DWD) publishes new weather forecasts for the next 27 hours.

It can take up to 2 hours to generate this information. Bareways converts this data and visualizes it in the navigation app. This allows Bareways to provide hourly forecast models for the next 27 hours that are updated every 3 hours.

When you enter a route, you will automatically receive the associated severe weather warnings. By clicking the orange info symbol you will be forwarded directly to the warnings for your route (public warnings). In the screenshot below you can see an official warning of strong thunderstorms and a coronavirus warning for the route. The route conditions above show you which weather awaits you along your route.

Routing Weather
Routing Weather

You can use the Routing Options to choose the following weather settings:

  • Avoid Precipitation
  • Avoid Slippery Roads
  • Avoid Storms
  • Avoid Windy Areas
  • Prefer Sunny Areas
Routing Options

Depending on which settings you choose, an alternative route will be suggested.

In the following example, we want to drive from Kiel to Lübeck. Rain is indicated to us on the Adventure Route. But as we would like to use our imaginary cabriolet, we go to the Routing Options and switch on the “Avoid Precipitation” function. We get a similar route but avoid the rain clouds for most of the route. Now, all we need is a cabriolet!

Avoid Precipitation

For whom is the new Route Weather interesting?

For everyone who doesn’t like weather surprises.

The feature is a perfect way for classic car and cabriolet drivers to take their beloved cars for a drive.

Drivers of vans, trucks and caravans with large attack surfaces benefit from avoiding windy regions and transporting valuable goods safely to their destination.

All motor vehicle drivers navigate more safely and relaxed thanks to the Route Weather feature and the severe weather warnings.

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Text by Melanie Langenmair