Time to meet our team! Today we’re introducing Stine Löding and Florian Hartmann

Stine has been with us since 2020 and mainly works with our routing engine, for example on scenic routing.

Stine, what has been your road to Bareways?
“I have known Sascha and Moritz (our founders) longer than just my time at Bareways. Before I started here, I already worked at their first start up, gestigon. There I first was a student assistant, then an intern and master’s student. After graduating, I then applied to BAREWAYS.”

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
“What I like best about my job is that I can always learn new things. It never gets monotonous or boring, because as a team we are always in a process of creating and implementing new ideas. This is also the challenge I have to deal with.”

What is your dream adventure?
“My dream adventure would be to travel along the west coast of Australia in a campervan. Since there aren’t many people living there, the roads are rather lonely, so a road trip would be very adventurous. I’ve already been to Australia and seen the east coast, the north and the south but the west is supposed to have another level of beauty with its deserted beaches.”

Thanks. We’re glad to have you, Stine! 


Florian Hartmann was one of the first BAREWAYS employees and is our Head of Software Development.

Florian, what did your road to Bareways look like?
Speaking in road contexts, the road that led me to Bareways was a curvy one with slopes that took me up and down. Even though such a road can be very challenging from time to time, it was definitely a very exciting experience. It was way better than driving on a boring, straight road, because I could learn a lot from the challenging parts, I saw beautiful and interesting environments along the roadside, and I had some great companions with me that traveled parts of the road together with me.

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
There are many exciting challenges in my everyday work that keep me curious, motivated, and thriving. It is hard to boil it down to a single most exciting challenge, but if I had to, I think it is the challenge to keep exploring the unknown and create new, useful solutions that no one had thought of before.

What is your dream adventure?
One dream adventure of mine is to travel along tracks through the wilderness of Patagonia by motorcycle. Or just take a camper bus and drive along Europe’s coasts from the North of Norway all the way down to Gibraltar, always smelling a fresh sea breeze, and without any time schedule or any other pressure, just explore.

That sounds awesome! #bestteamever

Do you want to be part of the team like Florian? We’re HIRING!

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