Curious about the road Zeus would come down from Mount Olympus to his retirement home in Palm Springs? If you want to drive in his path and need a route, look no further: we’ve got you covered! 

If you’re thinking “What now?”, have a look at the latest BMW commercial produced for this year’s SuperBowl: Click here.

Whether you want to be adventurous or get to retirement as fast as possible, we’ve got both options, planned for you on our map, to choose from.

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Choose your path

Starting in the Olympic Mountains in Washington (because Zeus is traveling by car, so he probably started at the ‘Holiday Residenz’ in the US instead of Mount Olympic in Greece 😉), you’ve got these options:

Preferring to drive more rural roads, avoiding highways and residential areas? You’ve got 2090 km and about 25 hours of driving time ahead of you. (Route 1)

Want to be a little faster and love to drive on highways? Plan to drive 2080 km and about 22 hours, to recreate the path of the God of the sky. (Route 2)

Route 1 – Cross-Country

Routing Options

Route 2 – Turbo

Routing Options

Travel in style

Of course, if you want to travel in the style of the gods, you would go in an electric car. Assuming Zeus and Hera drove a BMW iX3 with a charging strategy of 25-100% and a total consumption of 512 kWh and approximately 1200 miles to drive, he should have stopped 9 times to charge, before he would reach the sacred place, that is Palm Springs. Enough time for some coffee stops 😉

Routing Options