Time to meet our team! Today we’re introducing Stefan, Lisa and Konrad


Stefan, what has been your road to Bareways?

Born and raised in a small town in Lower Saxony I moved to Berlin for my studies. After achieving Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at TU Berlin and working in the academic field for a bit I decided it was time for a change: I moved to Lübeck and started working at Bareways.

Which Challenge do you find most exciting about your work?

I find most exciting about my work that almost no day is ever the same. This coming from a professional coder may sound strange, but I enjoy that I usually face a multitude of different problems every day. I also have amazing colleagues who each can and will rely on each other which makes me a proud member of Bareways.

What is your dream adventure?

As I enjoy kitesurfing and sailing, I would really appreciate traveling along the Atlantic coast in some kind of cozy van and surf a lot of remote spots!

Thanks. We’re glad to have you, Stefan! 


Lisa has been with us from the start and is a Pro at data engineering, team event planning, and more.

Lisa, what has been your road to Bareways?
I love being outside to explore new places on my own, preferably away from crowded cities in the middle of nature. Back in the days when I was a child, I used to navigate with paper maps when we were on vacation. Today, I enjoy exploring different types of maps and whenever I travel around, I’m feeding my GPSr with coordinates and tracks to find the most interesting spots around me. It’s fun to discover new, beautiful places that might not be on the bucket list of everyone else. When I’ve heard that Sascha and Moritz, with whom I had worked for almost a decade, founded Bareways, a Start-up with the mission to improve mobility in rural regions, I decided that it’s time to try something new and applied for a job at Bareways.

Which Challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
I work with a variety of available sources and data types, from high resolution satellite images to live weather data or traffic data that actually tells me where reindeer cross the road. Discovering new sources and merging them all together to gain digital insight on remote regions without being there is fascinating and never gets boring.

What is your dream car/adventure?
My dream car would be the not-yet-existing successor of the Alfa Romeo Brera or a 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, modified for 4×4 off-road to have suitable gear to travel through gravel roads in the Icelandic highlands or visit the historic Silk Road. My goal is to visit every country or region in the world at least once and have enough time to discover and enjoy it.

That sounds awesome! #bestteamever

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Konrad was the very first employee of #BAREWAYS and his job is to make technology tangible for you, the user.

Konrad, what was your road to Bareways?
It’s great to be part of something new, to help shape it and have an impact. That’s why I like working in startups. When I heard that BAREWAYS was launching, it was clear to me that I wanted my place in this rocket and not just watch from the ground.

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
I like to keep learning and to challenge myself. What I do today, I couldn’t do two years ago. As part of a small team, everyone has to make their contribution and you have to be able to rely on each other because success and defeat are close together. That’s the big challenge but also the biggest fun.

What is your dream adventure?
Traveling through South America was a great experience that I’d like to expand and cross the entire American continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with my wife in an off-road camper (maybe our T4 Syncro or something bigger). Partly on the Pan-American Highway, partly on back roads, this would surely be an unforgettable adventure.

Great to have you with us, Konrad!

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