Time to meet our team! Today we’re introducing Marco, Candice and Philipp. 


All the way from Italy, Marco is also responsible for our business development 🇮🇹

Marco, what has been your road to Bareways?
My road to Bareways is a sort of homecoming; I met Moritz & Sascha in their previous startup adventure, working with Gestigon for quite a while until the exit, throughout some successful projects. And in the meantime I collaborate(d) with other cousin startups from the same investor group. Let’s say it’s a deep appreciation for the capabilities of the whole extended team.

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
There are several aspects that make my job interesting and stressful at the same time, which can be summed up in one word: challenges. The challenge is to help the company unload to the ground its potential, to transform ideas, technologies and innovation into successful business relationships with customers. No time to get bored! 

What is your dream adventure?
My dream adventure… To be honest in my own small way I’ve had quite an “adventurous” life if we mean things like unconventional travel to remote spots of the world, climbing, sailing, helping NGOs in far areas. Maybe, to sum up “adventure, car and travel”, I’d like to set up an offroad “home to Beijing” raid across Siberia

Thanks. We’re glad to have you, Marco! 


Candice is a student here in Lübeck and began working for us at the start of 2022. 

Candice, what was your road to Bareways?
Before moving to Lübeck I studied engineering in Paris at an electronics school while simultaneously working as an apprentice in the PSA Automobile company. It was a great experience where I learned a lot and I wanted to continue to work on this path. Then, I moved directly from France to Lübeck for my master’s studies in Robotics and Autonomous Systems with the challenge of the German language. 
For my internship I was looking for a company able to give me the opportunity to get more experiences through the practice and I discovered Bareways by chance, one day on a forum from the university. They were looking for students to help them on some projects with software computing. I didn’t hesitate a second and I contacted them. I liked the fact that it’s a company on a human scale with a good state of mind.

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work?
The challenge that I find the most exciting is that I can work on real projects which are very interesting, dealing with actuality, and from that, I can learn new concepts every day. That allows me to extend my programmation skills. I can also improve my English and my German skills. I really enjoy working in a good ambiance with a team always ready to help you.

What is your dream car or adventure?
As a child I used to ride horses and go hiking in the south of France. With time, I became fascinated by donkeys, by their high level of intelligence and their strength to be able to carry more than 60% of their weight. Thus, my dream is to travel along the Mediterranean coast on the back of a donkey.

That sounds awesome! #bestteamever

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Philipp is the guy to make clouds disappear (Curious? Link at the end of this interview *). 

Philipp, what was your road to Bareways?
During my studies and internships previous to my time at Bareways I have focused on topics related to perception and odometry estimation of autonomous vehicles.
Working at Bareways gives me the chance to work in a dynamic start-up environment. I can use my experience in Machine and Deep Learning to extend our routing graph by extracting routing-related information from Earth Observation data. These opportunities combined with the company’s location close to the Baltic Sea paved my way to Bareways.

Which challenge do you find most exciting about your work? 
For me, it is interesting to solve challenging problems for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions available. It gives me the chance to stay up to date and learn state-of-the-art approaches within my field. Furthermore, aiming at learning from data I like to be involved in the whole process from data acquisition, preprocessing, and label generation to finally training models for the task at hand. This way I also learn new things which are less related to what I have done so far.

What is your dream adventure?
There is not only one adventure in my dreams. However, the next one I have planned is to experience Europe by camper van as it offers a wide range of nature and cultures which I have not fully experienced yet.

(☁️* https://lnkd.in/eN7Y9NfJ)

Great to have you with us, Philipp!

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