Let us give you a small peek into our Weather Routing ☀️🌧️❄️💨

The routing uses a flexible language to let developers exclude any combination of weather, road condition or other geospatial information.

How is it better than your standard routing?

Let’s play it through.

You want to drive from Semily in Czechia to Jelenia Góra in Poland. Between those two towns lies the mountain range of Karkonosze (also called the Giant Mountains). A standard routing would give you a route right across the mountains on the E65. Which is, fair enough, a good route while there is good weather.

BUT what if there is a heavy fall of snow? Do you want to cross the mountains on slippery, snow-covered streets in your Coupe without 4WD?

Our weather routing takes, amongst other data, the available weather information into calculation and provides you with an alternate, but not much longer, route on which you can avoid snowy streets completely.

That makes our Weather Routing a lot more reliable and your drive a lot safer. 

Feel free to get in touch, if you want to learn more about our BAREWAYS Weather Routing or want to get a full demo of our services.