❌ What’s wrong with taking the fastest route your navigation system can provide you with? Nothing, if you are in a hurry and have a love for boring highways.

✅ But rather than taking the fastest route your run-of-the-mill navigation system recommends, why not take a scenic route? The most fun? The safest

Let us give you 5️⃣ benefits of taking the scenic route:

    1. Enhanced Experience: A scenic route allows travelers to enjoy the picturesque beauty of their surroundings and make the journey that much more memorable.

    2. Reduced Stress: Taking a scenic route can help reduce stress by avoiding crowded highways with attention demanding drivers and provide a break from the monotony of a straight path, providing mental and physical rejuvenation.


    3. Increased Safety: By avoiding heavily trafficked main roads, a scenic route can also make journeys much safer.


    4. Boosted Productivity: Change of scenery can boost creativity and help remain productive in the long run (or drive).

    5. Lessened Fuel Consumption: Scenic routing can lead to a reduction in fuel consumption by avoiding congested roads and reducing idling time.
    The Bucket List of Winding Roads_Lysebotn Road, Norway, Bareways

    Scenic routes are not just a way to make your journey more enjoyable, they’re a smart choice. So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider taking a scenic route, and make the most of your journey.