We Love to Explore the World by Vehicle

Vision & Mission

Icon of a petrol 4x4 car. We love to explore the world by vehicle.


Reach your destinations – mobile, safe, and with an awareness of your environment.

Icon showing the planet earth in petrol. We love to explore the world by vehicle.


Build the most reliable platform for drivers, smart and assisted vehicles on unpaved terrains with worldwide coverage.

Icon showing to hands and two hearts in petrol. We love to explore the world by vehicle.


Love the team
Embrace the user
Stay open-minded
Explore the world

Best Team Ever

We love to explore the world by vehicle, whether professionally or in our free time.

Please hover over the tile to discover our team members’ favorite places.

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Moritz v. Grotthuss

Lisa Pawlows
Senior Software Engineer

Stefan Matlage
Software Engineer

Philipp Adis Bareways

Philipp Adis
Software Engineer

Sascha Klement

Konrad Tuschy
Head of UX/UI

Malte Ziethen
Senior Software Engineer

Stine Löding
Software Engineer

Feelgood Manager

Florian Hartmann
Head of Software Development

Johanna Awada
Senior Software Engineer

Jessica Dobrig

Jessica Dobrig
Community & Content

Advisory Board

Fabian v. Kuenheim
Chairman Advisory Board

Holger Weiss
CEO German Autolabs

Maximilian v. Loebbecke
CEO 365farmnet

Company Life


Coffee ☕ is crucial to us. We take care of our coffee machine by ourselves and do many experiments to get out the best of the coffee beans.


We love to snack our company chocolate 🍫 during our meetings. What’s your favorite selection?


We love ❤️ the team. So we are organizing regular events. Besides a summer ⛱️ and Christmas 🎄Party, we like to have beer 🍻 tastings.


Company dog Elliot. He is a Golden Retriever.

We have two animal colleagues. Our Golden Retriever Elliott loves to sleep 💤 all day and dreams of the perfect rabbiting 🐇.


Every new member of the team has the chance to attend 🚗 Safety Driving Training.


Person is sitting in a car and is holding a phone with the Bareways app in his hand. It says

We believe in our product, and we are proud 💪 to develop a bleeding-edge navigation 🌎 solution together to the highest automotive requirements.


Selfmade apple pie during the apple pie weeks of Bareways.

In autumn, we have our 🍎 apple cake week, where backing lovers of the team create tasty cakes.


The Bareways team gathers in the meeting room for the Mettwoch to have breakfast and watch an adventure movie.

Every Wednesday is Mettwoch! Then the whole Bareways team gathers for a snack of ground pork rolls “Mett” (there is also cheese, but no onions ;-)) and gets inspiration by watching a 🎥 movie or documentation about 🌲⛰️ off-road adventures, expeditions, or challenges.


Every day at 10 am, we meet with the whole team for our stand-up. There we share our thoughts and tasks from the day before and the plans for the actual day.

Every two weeks, we have our sprint-planning. There we discuss and plan the tasks for the next two weeks and review the last two weeks.

Bareways Logo

Stone cairns in fron. In the Background a valley and blue sky with the Bareways logo.

The simple graphical layout symbolizes a pile of stones – in some countries named a cairn – that shall guide travelers on unpaved terrain when there is no clear path ahead.

Yet, it also resembles a windy road – broken into sections of known and unknown terrain.

Altogether, it symbolizes guiding & finding your way in challenging situations.

We love to explore the world by vehicle.