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  • Award-Winning App
  • Personal Routing Preferences
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The Navigation App for Explorers

For Leisure and Business – Adapts to Any Situation

Award-Winning App

The Bareways App is your personal navigation assistant that won several awards already.
We support you to explore the world by vehicle.

Personal Routing Preferences

We have built an easy-to-configure navigation service that takes your personal routing preferences into account. You may want to enjoy scenic roads, drive a mountain pass, simply enjoy mobility, test the capabilities of your car, or spend quality time with your co-driver(s).

Choose a Fast or Adventure Route

Find new tracks in your surroundings and around the world.

Taking the fastest route is just one way to reach your destination. If you are busy, it makes sense. 

With our navigation app, you can enter a destination by using an address, pinpoint the place on our map, use GPS coordinates, or what3words, and choose either the fastest route or the adventure route. What level of adventure do you want to experience? Choose the level and you will get different suggestions of routings.

The adventure routes can lead you along scenic tracks along the coast, passes with viewpoints overlooking the mountains, gravel ways with just the right level of adventure for your 4×4, or just an alternative route when your family needs a break for a picnic.

Weather & Warnings

Bareways knows the present street conditions and the impact of climate, season, weather, and traffic by heart. Therefore, our data, maps, routing services, and hazard warnings focus on providing all the continually changing data well-prepared to avoid critical situations on your way.

Reliable & Pleasant Drive

You can find challenging street conditions globally, but rural areas with unpaved roads suffer the most. Individual drivers can use our navigation app to avoid the next disastrous thunderstorm or find scenic routes off the beaten path. No matter what happens, we provide you with reliable travel time estimates.

App Features

Maps & Navigation

for good and bad roads to stay safe and avoid road hazards

Choose Routes

of the beaten path

Detailed Statistics

of route and conditions

Personal Preferences

of routing

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Our Users

Mobility Enthusiast

“Bareways lets me explore remote places and enjoy driving experiences off the beaten tracks without having to rely on several different tools.”

David Brodmann | 64 years

Outdoor Athlete

“Bareways makes me get to my favorite skiing spots reliably and safely. That enables me to focus on what’s important: my free time.”

Liv Lacroix | 28 years

Work Traveler

I often have to visit clients in unknown areas of the country. It’s nice to know that Bareways has my back in case of unforeseeable changes in conditions.”

Steffen Reichert | 41 years


We are a wild bunch of software engineers, machine learning experts, and satellite imagery guys. We know that we tend to use language and terms that not everybody may be familiar with. Therefore we summarized the most frequent questions about our work, the technology, privacy concerns of the app, and other stuff below.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us!

Why another navigation app?

Because today’s navigation systems lack an essential piece of information: They tell you if there is a major highway or a residential road, but they don’t tell you in which condition the road is. They lack weather and road surface information to warn you of potential hazards and give reliable estimates of your arrival time under tough road conditions.

Can I trust the Bareways App?

Our engineers have implemented tons of tools and best practices to monitor how well the app works to identify issues as soon as possible.

Our technology stack was built with automotive quality requirements, as most of our dev team members have automotive serial production experience.

At the moment, we are in a closed beta testing phase where all features have been tested in simulations and testing frameworks and with real users on the road. However, weather phenomena are highly dynamic, and for sure, we have not covered every weather configuration as this is not possible.

This is why we – and all future users of the Bareways App – very much value your feedback! So please tell us where you encountered issues and where the app does not yet work as expected.

Which countries do you support?

Our basic functions – maps, places, and turn-by-turn navigation – are available worldwide. All weather-related features are currently limited to Europe. We extend this feature as soon as possible to provide worldwide coverage. However, there are thousands of potential data sources that we might include in the future that are country-specific and will require our engineers’ special attention. If you are interested in our services in a particular country, please use the chat button to tell us where you would like to go.

Which devices do you support?

The Google Play Store tells us that the Bareways App is available on 12,830 different devices. We support devices running at least Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API Level 23)  (as of March 2021). We have tested the app on the most recent smartphones and tablets from Google, Samsung, Huawei, and others, as well as any older device we could get hold of. We even included an Android car multimedia device with very limited system performance.

For iOS, the situation is a bit less complex – we support all phones running  iOS 14.

How accurate are your maps?

Our base map is derived from OpenStreetMap and extended by numerous data layers for weather and hazard information. The base map is updated once a week to include recent changes. We very much thank the OpenStreetMap community for their continuous great work in mapping the world in all its details.

While using the Bareways app, you may find places, roads, or other information that seems to be outdated. You may either inform us or directly contribute to the OpenStreetMap via

Why does Bareways require a registration when launching the app?

Because this will make your personal settings, favorite places, and routing preferences available across all your devices.

What kind of personal information do you store about me?

For registration, we require you to enter your name and a valid email address. Additionally, your personal settings will be stored to make them available across all your devices. These settings will not be shared with any other users.

Do I need a permanent internet connection?

The current version of the Bareways navigation app requires internet connectivity. However, not necessarily permanent. Turn-by-turn navigation still works if you are in a region without network coverage; however, you would not get any route updates if you leave the recommended route. Our next release will include offline maps. We are working on a solution to enhance predictive downloads (before you enter a region with a lack of connectivity) based on the region, your data plan, and the download speed.

How reliable are your weather forecasts?

We basically use the same data sources that you know from weather apps or TV weather forecasts – and as we all know, weather forecasts may be wrong from time to time. Therefore, we add safety margins to all weather-related parameters not to miss critical road conditions such as heavy rain, blizzards, hail, or black ice.

More technically: We use a variety of weather forecast sources, among them being medium-resolution models with world-wide or continent-wide coverage such as the ICON-EU (covering whole Europe with a mesh size of about 13km) and high-resolution regional models (such as the COSMO-D2 model with a resolution of about 2.2km).

If you doubt a weather forecast or a route recommendation, please double-check and avoid taking any risks.

Do you report my position to public authorities if I drive an illegal track?

Short answer: No.

We are technically and legally unable to do that, and we don’t want to.

However, we strongly discourage you from taking ways that you are not allowed to take. Private roads, military areas, and nature reserves are typically prohibited for private drivers for a reason. Ignoring that may cause you considerable (legal) trouble with the authorities and/or negatively impact nature.

In contrast, we aim to provide you with all the information necessary to not get accidentally into such a situation – especially when you are driving in a foreign country where you are not familiar with the legal situation and the local languages. We are continuously adding more and more data sources to make you aware of where driving is legally permitted.

My cell phone contract comes with a mobile data usage limit. How much data does the Bareways App use?

We made some measurements to give you a hint:

  • For a one hour trip where you select a destination, browse the map to verify the route, follow the turn-by-turn voice commands, we typically transfer less than 50 MB to you.
  • Maps of densely populated areas are larger as more items are put on the map (amenity points, buildings) than in rural areas.

The next major release will include offline maps to solve mobile data usage limitations.

I want to go to a place that has no address. Can I use the Bareways App?

  1. You may either select your destination directly on the map or
  2. You may use the what3words coordinate system that divides the world into 3m squares and gives each square a unique combination of 3 words. For more details, visit