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80% of all roads worldwide are not paved, connecting 50% of the global population. This makes traveling unpredictable, hinders economic development, and prevents these regions from benefiting from modern mobility services.

Bareways develops award-winning services for logistics and transportation.
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80% Bad Roads

The majority of roads worldwide are unpaved and strongly affected by terrain, vegetation, and weather.

Death Toll

Emergencies are much more likely to happen and disaster relief forces are out of reach.


Typical hazards range from wild animals to disastrous landslides and floods that may block the roads for weeks and months.

Vehicle Limits

Unpaved roads may quickly become impassible for most vehicle classes and legal regulations may disallow passage at all.


We combine recent innovations in space technology, remote sensing, geospatial data analytics, smart sensors, and artificial intelligence to measure road conditions, predict risks, and derive routing strategies to avoid critical situations.

The landscape of open data – provided by public authorities, private companies, or crowd-sourcing – has exploded in recent years. Today, geospatial data is available to measure climate change, economic development, and infrastructure requirements. Satellite imagery lets us quantify the impact of political decisions or a global pandemic on transportation and logistics.

Satellite Data
Geographical and Weather Data (etc)
Vehicle and Smartphone Data
Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Use Cases

Efficient & Smart


We include vehicle parameters, road conditions, weather forecasts, and battery status to enable efficient route choices.

Look Ahead

Driving Assistance

We provide a data layer and prediction engine to make driving assistance systems look ahead under all weather conditions.



We enable fleet operators to manage their assets and keep track of local conditions, hazards, and legal regulations especially in times of global crises to increase the resilience of logistic networks.

Unique Experience

Overlanding Mobility

We offer a flexible routing API with access to places like scenic routes, amenity points, or touristic attractions to enable unique traveling experiences.

Space Tech

Infrastructure Monitoring

We offer a patent-pending technology stack to monitor transport lines and areas based on satellite imagery to enable predictive maintenance and disaster relief operations.



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Accurate & Detailed

Bareways Road Condition

We are building the most detailed road condition database including road surface information, long-term ground motion, and historical weather information. 

Global & Local

Bareways Route Weather

We combine global and local weather models in a location-based service to take the optimal route under all weather conditions.

Precise & High Performance

Bareways Maps & Coverage

We have designed a set of highly compressed maps suitable for areas with low connectivity and smart, low-cost devices to enable mobility services in remote regions.

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