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Today, mobility focuses on daily driving scenarios and the fastest way from A to B. But people don’t take joy from daily routines, they miss the unique driving experiences that are customized based on their preferences, that mirror the brand of their vehicle, its features, as well as the road environment. 

Bareways develops award-winning services for mobility, logistics and transportation.

Roads are Complex

Roads are everything but equal, they are affected by weather, terrain, or vegetation. Globally, only 20% of all roads are paved.


Above all, mobility needs to be safe. Not knowing which driving situations you or your children might face, makes driving more risky.


Cars are unique pieces of technology and art. Exploring the capabilities is fun and should be accessible to any driver.


Mobility can bring you to places you haven’t been before and you can enjoy incredible vehicle technologies. These factors create memorable mobility experiences.


We combine recent innovations in space technology, remote sensing, geospatial data analytics, smart sensors, and artificial intelligence to measure road conditions, take personal driving preferences into account, and derive routing strategies to create unique mobility experiences.

The landscape of open data – provided by public authorities, private companies, or crowd-sourcing – has exploded in recent years. Today, geospatial data is available to measure climate change, economic development, and infrastructure requirements. Satellite imagery lets us quantify the impact of political decisions or a global pandemic on mobility, transportation, and logistics.

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We’re developing an easy-to-configure navigation service that takes your personal routing preferences into account. Enjoy scenic roads, drive a mountain pass, simply enjoy mobility, test the capabilities of your car, or spend quality time with your co-driver(s). Currently in Closed Beta Testing Phase.

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