Active Car Control

Driving Assistance

Growth Markets

SUVs and 4×4s are attractive innovation platforms and a play field for automotive OEMs to invent and validate new driving assistance concepts. Today, they are ubiquitous in metropolitan areas, but their true capabilities become obvious only in rural areas under tough road conditions. At Bareways, we are building the next generation of driving assistance systems to let these beasts benefit from big data, hyper-local weather information to let them do their job where they belong. 

System Integration

The full potential of real-time weather and road condition information will be achieved with smart system integration and access to live sensor data from the road. Our geospatial data layers in connection with vehicle sensors – such as radar, lidar, ultrasonic sensors, or cameras – will enable reliable driving decisions for every vehicle.

Active Car Control

Accurate maps and smart voice assistants are effective ways to present real-time road condition information. Additionally, we provide our data services to enable active control. Such smart driving assistance systems may configure the suspension depending on the roughness of the ground or switch to a four-wheel drive.

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