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Today the standard navigation services give you the same route no matter what your interests are, what kind of car you drive, or which weather you are going to face. We believe all these aspects are important and make the difference between getting from A to B versus creating memorable mobility experiences. We offer advanced algorithms to let you choose the perfect route on the basis of numerous data points, your user profile, day-to-day-changing preferences, your vehicle, the road ecosystem, and the environment, e. g. weather.


Nobody doubts that the road surface and quality matter. If you drive an Italian super sportscar you will look for specifically smooth surfaces for grip and acceleration. But if you are on your trip with a 4×4 SUV you might enjoy nonpaved tracks and some mud. And anything in between is possible too. Bareways takes the road surfaces and quality into account that we excerpt from global satellite data and state-of-the-art analytics.


Are you into Instagram and always looking out for the best spots for selfies? Or do you prefer spectacular, but lonesome nature sceneries? Some see travel as a great opportunity to visit recommended restaurants. And others don’t care for the surroundings but want to hear the motor of their sports car roar while accelerating at the apex of a curve. – With Bareways, you get what you are looking for.


Globally, approx 800 different car models are offered – each of them with up to 10 different versions and countless extras and modifications. The car color or the stereo makes no difference to your trip (from a routing perspective), but ground clearance, summer-, winter-, or mud tires, 2×4/4×4, and the actual range matter a lot. We take these into account and offer routes that make your trip in your car just … perfect.

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