Constant Battery Check for a Safe Drive



The cruising range of electric vehicles is heavily influenced by your personal driving behavior and how much you make use of range-extending features such as regenerative braking. We offer advanced e-mobility routing algorithms to let you choose the most efficient route depending on your vehicle characteristics. These routing algorithms take the terrain, road condition, battery status, and user-specific power consumption profiles into account to predict the cruising range and suggest efficient routes.

Stay Relaxed!

Not knowing the true range is one of the main concerns against the usage of electric vehicles in rural areas with less well-maintained charger infrastructure. Thus, we offer a flexible way to tell our routing algorithms the desirable safety margin.

Weather and E-Mobility

The elevation profile of a specific route remains constant over time, yet, the weather has a significant impact on your overall power consumption. The usage of heating and air condition may significantly reduce the cruising range of electric vehicles. Therefore, our routing algorithms consider the current weather along the route and your personal, comfortable temperature to propose route alternatives.

Always the Fitting Route

The charging infrastructure is worldwide in a very premature state – only the metropolitan areas and regions along the major highways provide sufficient coverage. Thus, our routing suggestions include recharging options and warnings depending on the current state of charge.

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