How to Download the Bareways App for an iOS Smartphone?

Step-by-Step Instruction

Step 1

The download process in the closed beta phase requires a few more steps compared to an app that has been officially released.

Click on the button below or on the link you received to download the Bareways App via your smartphone.

Step 2

If you already have TestFlight installed on your smartphone, click on the button “Start Testing” and continue directly with STEP 7.

If you don’t have installed TestFlight, click on the “View in App Store” button and continue with STEP 3.

TestFlight supports us in distributing the Bareways App during the closed beta phase.

Step 3

Click on “Download” and install the TestFlight app.

Step 4

Click on “Open” to open the TestFlight app.

Step 5

“Allow” or “Don’t Allow” notifications and click on the button “Continue”.

Step 6

Now you can install the Bareways App via TestFlight. Click “Install”.


Step 7

Click “Open” to open the Bareways App.

Step 8

This screen shows you “What to test”.

At this stage, the app is not yet perfect. Together with you, we will improve it. For this reason, your feedback is of utmost importance to us.

Click the button “Next”.

Step 9

This screen asks you to share your feedback with us.
To take a screenshot “press the right + the home button at once”.

How to give us feedback is explained in detail here. 

Click the button “Start testing”.

Step 10

Watch the intro to explore the opportunities in the app or click “Skip”.

Continue with STEP 11 after finishing the intro or clicking “Skip”.

Step 11

You can only become a closed beta tester if you agree to the Bareways Privacy Policy. Furthermore, it’s very important for us that we may send you surveys and product information via email. As a tester, you need to be up to date, and with your feedback in our surveys, you support safe and adventurous travelling.

Step 12

“amazoncognito” is the service that allows to sign in via different social networks. 

Click “Continue” and “Register/Sign In”.

Step 13

The easiest way is to log in with one of your existing social accounts.

Step 13

If you don’t have a social account, you can also create an account to sign-in with your email address and password.

For that click “Sign up” UNDER the “Sign in” button.

Step 14

You did it! Welcome to the Bareways App. We can’t wait for your feedback. 😊