Innovative Vehicle Navigation

Overlanding Mobility


We provide a customizable routing engine to let the users and application developers define route preferences. Besides the standard options – such as excluding highways or toll roads – we provide an interface to include arbitrary geospatial features in the routing cost function. Thus, users may select scenic routes based on nearby nature monuments, vegetation, or terrain. We offer a domain-specific language for full flexibility to give developers full control over what defines a desirable route.


Overlanding vehicles and other special-purpose cars may have very different driving characteristics than regular cars. Our routing engine considers whether you are driving an almost unstoppable, highly customized 6×6 truck or a rental car with an off-the-shelf 4-wheel-drive. As a user, you may play with parameters to see what would be possible if you were driving a vehicle with stronger capabilities. As a rental fleet operator, you may predefine vehicle characteristics to avoid your users getting stuck in nowhere.

Real-Time & Customized

Route planning requires reliable data sources to estimate weather and road conditions along the way. Our routing engine has access to weather forecasts, looking up to 120 hours into the future to estimate good times of travel and avoid dangerous situations. For ease of use, we provide convenience functions to avoid difficult weather situations such as heavy rain or snowfall, icy roads, or extreme temperature.


Even with the most accurate maps and precise real-time data, unpredictable situations may block your way. We are providing a platform to report blocked roads or ask for support from other nearby users.

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