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Optimized Navigation

Heavy-duty vehicles used by logistics services worldwide are usually equipped with 4-wheel drive and have a rugged design that sustains even the unexpected hazards along the route. However, their weight, size, and maneuverability make some roads, bridges, and tunnels tough for them to take. Our maps and routing services allow configuring which routes these trucks may take to let you operate your fleet in remote areas safely.

Cost Savings

Huge special purpose vehicles such as mining trucks or harvesters are costly to operate. Their dimensions and weight make every single transfer between their area of operation a logistic nightmare. We offer detailed road information for these vehicles and allow our customers to customize their fleets’ routing preferences to save costs and time.

Avoid Risks

While trucks used by logistics services are much less prone to getting stuck, they may still be delayed by weather incidents or sudden road condition changes. We provide a worldwide weather forecast integrated into a routing service to avoid costly delays and allow for efficient planning.

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