Bareways Route Weather

Get the most up-to-date weather information along any given route.
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Core Features

Focusing on challenging weather conditions

Bareways Route Weather focusses on difficult conditions that affect safe driving most. Rain, fog, snow, icy conditions, strong winds and sudden weather changes are frequent causes of severe accidents.

Integrating hyper-local weather information

Severe weather conditions tend to change rapidly and may cause massive destructions in sharply defined regions. We aggregate precise hyper-local information from numerous sources and combine them with probabilistic estimates on their spatial and temporal extend from state-of-the-art weather models.

Including Trends

Rural regions and unpaved roads in particular suffer from seasonal weather phenomena such as tornados, hurricanes, avalanches, land slides, floodings and taifuns. We provide an API to access historical weather data on such events and how much they affected roads and driving conditions to allow mobility services to benefit from long term trend evaluations.