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Global roads are diverse – 20% are paved, the conditions include ‘perfect motorways’ in Belgium, sand roads in the US midwest, as well as mud tracks in Brasil. Asphalt and concrete are standard materials for roads in metropolitan areas and the main routes, but there are few states worldwide where minor roads are of the same quality. Gravel, dirt, sand, and various mixtures thereof are ubiquitous in rural areas. The providers of navigation systems, mobility services, and logistics are well aware that the road surface type strongly affects the safety and the estimated time of arrival. Still, they lack data and means to acquire accurate surface information. We provide a data layer to give the mobility service access to precise road surface type information. 

Ever-Changing Conditions

Poor quality roads suffer more from seasonal weather than frequently maintained highway roads. Thus, a single parameter cannot capture the variety of conditions we may face on the same road throughout a year, during the rainfall period, or when ice is melting. We gathered data on the variability of road conditions depending on the weather and provided an API to predict the local weather conditions.

Road Safety

If you take all the data, that we have, together, we can give a pretty precise view of the safety of any road segment in the world. What is the risk of traffic, or accidents? Is there a risk of floods or landslides? What is the political or social situation in the areas that you need to pass? Are there no-go regions or settlements that you should avoid? Take all these issues into account, give any risk a specific value, and create a Global Road Safety index with an easy-to-understand quantified risk. Compelling idea? Bareways is working on it!

Road Hazards

In many countries, static traffic signs are placed on main routes where frequent hazards are known, such as animal crossings, slippery roads, or falling rocks. However, these static signs provide only a very coarse estimate of the true risk and are seldom updated, especially in rural areas. We have put together a comprehensive database of road safety information covering historical crash data, landslides, floodings, civil warnings, and other emergencies. Additionally and following the data limitations of the GDPR, we provide access to crowd-sourced incident data from users of our services.

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